Our Services

We will step you through the entire process of developing your website, web application or custom software. We'll explain everything in easy to understand terms so you can make the best possible decisions about your business, its software and data, and how to make the best use of the Internet, within your time and budgetary constraints.

Since we developed our FACTS™ (Fishing Activity & Catch Tracking System) software (details at fisheryfacts.com), we no longer provide these services directly to our clients. That said, we bring these services to bear as part of FACTS™ and listed them here so visitors can see where we came from and what we still do.

Website Development:
Your website must present information about you in a clear, uncluttered, and attractive manner. Visitors to your website should be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. We keep this first and foremost in our minds when creating your website.

An important key to your satisfaction is to provide you with lots of opportunity for feedback. At each stage of development, we will notify you and ask for your opinion until your website meets your specific needs.

Web and Software Applications Development:
A basic website is like an online brochure - It will provide you customers with a predetermined set of information. If you require greater interactivity with your website visitors (e.g. searching through your products, registration, logon, online purchases, automatic generation of e-mails, etc.), then you need a web application.

Although many individuals and companies can produce basic websites, web and software applications development requires a far greater skill set. Our extensive experience is your assurance that your web and software applications will be done right the first time.

Our successes are largely based upon our disciplined approach to the development process. This means taking the time to understand your business needs, designing your database so that it will operate with maximum efficiency and scale to your future needs, and consulting with you and obtaining your "sign-off" on all major milestones along the way.

Database Design:
For your web or client/server based applications, nothing is more important than having databases that are set-up for maximum performance, flexibility, and growth potential. Our experience in database design, data modeling, and SQL can help make sure that your databases are set-up right from the start.

Analysis and Documentation:
For larger projects, we can analyze and document your business processes, existing systems, and development requirements. Our experience in a wide variety of sectors helps us to identify your needs and to ask you the right questions. We can also produce full technical designs, data models, web content, and end-user manuals.