Our Projects

Electric Edge Systems Group has completed a wide assortment of successful projects for companies and organizations of all sizes. We enjoy working on both large, enterprise-wide systems as well as applications for small business.

In the case of large-scale systems, our organized approach, teamwork and experience in all phases of systems development are key to our success. At the same time, we really enjoy working with smaller clients due to the increased flexibility, creativity, and the dramatic positive impact that our work can have for our clients.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - QMS System
Fisheries and Oceans Canada is at the forefront of quota management for various groundfish fisheries. The Quota Management System (QMS) handles the information processing needs of the sophisticated Integrated Fisheries Management Plan.

The main purpose of the QMS System is to facilitate transfers of fishing quota between commercial licences across various groundfish fisheries (and will scale to accommodate other fisheries in the future). The system automates the application of a wide variety of complex business rules that govern the transfer of fishing quota.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - FOS System
Electric Edge Systems Group provided a wide variety of modifications and enhancements to Fishery Operations System (FOS) to accommodate major changes to business logic as well as new functionality required by the Integrated Fisheries Management Plan.

Electronic catch monitoring was one of the new technologies introduced in the plan. It allows for the electronic capture of data while at sea that has allowed for the removal of at sea observers to monitor vessel fishing activity (which is cheaper and less cumbersome than having an extra person on board). Electric Edge added functionality to the FOS system to allow for this data to be added to the system via a web interface or web services which are accessible to approved third-parties. This project included the retrofitting of the FOS to provide data via web services.

Along with the electronic catch monitoring enhancements, Electric Edge also added tight integration with the Quota Management System in order to combine quota data and catch data into a single report used to determine if a licence should be allowed to continue fishing or require it to transfer more quota onto it before being allowed back out.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - NRLS
Electric Edge Systems developed the web application for a major Fisheries and Oceans initiative named "National Recreational Licensing System" (NRLS). NRLS was created to allow members of the public to obtain a salt-water recreational fishing licence for Pacific or Atlantic waters. The system handles the business rules for each of five fishing regions (each has different age groups, licence terms, prices, and taxes) and is fully bilingual. The system also processes payments via a third-party credit card processing service (Internet Secure).

Numerous technology comparison documents were produced during the development of this application which were used to aid Fisheries and Oceans Canada in it's technology decisions.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - ISM
Electric Edge aided in the design and development of the Integrated Systems Management (ISM) project. We produced the requirements document for the entire system and developed security, the overall application framework, and some of the management tools for this project (which was then handed back to Fisheries and Oceans Canada (FOC) for completion. This project was designed to benefit users of the various FOC systems, and to aid the information systems manager in maintaining those systems.

The ISM system was designed to allow users to have a centralized login, which gains them access to all of the systems that they are authorized to use (as opposed to having to remember a username and password for each system). ISM also gives users the ability to submit issues and notices about any system that they have access to, and view any scheduled or emergency system outage notices.

ISM provides the information systems manager with a tool to allow the assignment of developers to systems on a month-by-month basis. This gives the manager the ability to easily see whether any system is under-supported and which developer should be handling user requests for a system. The system drives automatic assignment of captured errors and any user-submitted issues to the correct developers.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - FNS
Electric Edge Systems was brought in to bring the code in the five-year-old Fishery Notification System (FNS) up to the current coding standards (which Electric Edge developed for FOC). We also converted the system's data from MS Access to Oracle (which is the regional standard). FNS is used to produce and send notices regarding fishery openings, closing, and regulations. A searchable reporting module is also available online for recreational and commercial fishers.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada - Section 61 Inspection Reporting
This system was designed and developed by Electric Edge Systems Group in order to give fishery officers a central place to store the inspection report data that they collect in the field. This system provides an easy to use interface for adding new reports, finding past reports, and keeping track of data regarding the inspected businesses.

Private Matters
Electric Edge was involved from the early idea stage, moved on to the technical design phase, and then completed development of this unique system. Security and ease of use were the driving factors for this site geared toward baby boomers and seniors. Private Matters provided end-of-life planning that went far above and beyond a typical last will and testament.

Maverick e*volutions
Electric Edge designed and developed this complex online procurement system from the project's inception. The system is essentially an online marketplace designed to help buyers to find service providers as easily as possible while providing a wide range of related data to make the decision and ordering processes as easy as possible. A full audit trail for all purchase decisions is made available to procurement managers. All transactions are mapped to the general ledger accounts setup by procurement managers, and that data can be exported to corporate accounting systems for easy integration with the application. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on usability, system flexibility (for all ranges of business size), and dispute resolution handling.

BC Ferry Corporation
Electric Edge personnel have developed several enterprise-wide systems for BC Ferries whcih include:

  • Revenue Audit Processing System
  • Bank Reconciliation System
  • Ship Log Maintenance System
  • Travel Pass System

The financial systems listed above efficiently process over 4 million monthly transactions and include over 80 maintenance forms, 20 reports and 30 nightly batch processes. Electric Edge was involved in all phases of development including system design and specifications, data modelling, development, deployment and maintenance.