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our mission

To make sure that we don't just understand your project, but that we understand how your business works and how your project is meant to aid your business. With this level of detail we are able to tailor our solutions to meet your current needs and be ready for the ones you don't know you have.

our clients

We have serviced a wide range of clients from big business and government to small and medium sized businesses. The varying needs of these clients has kept us cross-trained and nimble, and gives us a unique insight that benefits our projects for both groups. Currently we serve industry and government via our fisheries software FACTS™.

our process

All of our projects follow some common steps. The most important is that we ask as many questions as needed to ensure we understand what you've asked for and to ensure we understand your business in order to give valuable suggestions to make your project a success.

what's new

FACTS™ selected by the State of Michigan for 5+ years

The Michigan DNR is moving from paper to electronic reporting...


Another Northeast sector starts using the FACTS™ catch shares (aka sector management) module

Northeast Coastal Communities sector has joined the ranks of sectors using FACTS™


FACTS™ catch shares (aka sector management) module now in use at two Northeast US Multispecies Groundfish sectors

We are now in use in the Fixed Gear and Maine Coast Community sectors


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